Here we will discuss the elements of a project and keys to success when it comes to Mobile Application Development

Interabit provides full stack solutions for every type of business. A complete project has serveral elements, each demands its own experts. Having multiple strong teams, Interabit implements your idea from scatch to App stores. Every mobile application that intract with its users have a back-end server and numerous API that the mobile applications on both Android and iOs use to store and fetch data.

In modern applications, user's data does not store in local mobile phone but a database on a server. Each time the user interact with the application, the App should send request to a pre-setup server using programmed services and receives the results from those services and show them to the user. There are various technologies that Back-End services can be implemented with and There is also many options while it comes to choose a database to store users data.

Server Database

As expressed eariler, Databases are being used to store user's interactions and data (s)he provide by using a mobile application. Creating a database with a perfect design demands years of experiences since App performance could be affected directly.

Server API

In order to interact with a database on a server there has to be some API (Application Programming Interface). This is usuallt writen using server-side programming language such as Java, PHP or python. It really doesn't matter which technology is being used, using optimum algorithm is the one thing that should be taken into consideration. A bad practice could heavily affect the whole system performance.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing such as Amazon's AWS, are getting very popular thesedays. These solutions are considered a wise choice when you want to avoid server maintanance headaches. That's why programmers are using these kind of services more and more thesedays. With a proper plan, the cost of server can be reduced substantially and the good news is, you do not need to perform extra efforts when scaling your projects. This mean, your users can be grow with whatever rate they like to!

The appearance of your App defines your success or failure!!! this quota may seem a little bit harsh, but this is what it is! Users like to enjoy a beautiful interface rather than an ugly designed App no matter if it works just fine! To design a perfect and flawless UI, a gifted designer is needed. This is art! and a good artist can motivate the team to create a master piece and be proud of the final product.

The latest programming language in Android development is Kotlin. Android programmers are still excited about Kotlin. Implementing UI designer pages in Android is done here. We have one of the youngest but the best Android developers in the world.

The version 5 of Swift has just released and our iOs developers are using it's new features together with the strength of Reactive Programming. Interabit encourges it's teams to move forward and use the cutting-edge technologies and the newest versions.

Sorry but we don't create Hybrid Applications anymore!
Developing a Hybrid application has been having a vague future during the last years. Interabit prefer to create Native Apps rather than Hybrid's. So if you are looking for a Hybrid App, probably we are not the one you are looking for. But before leave, please check our article about Native VS Hybrid apps in our Blog.

Every good application need maintanance and by maintanance we mean overhalling the database and optimizing the API on the server. On the App side we need to carefully monitor users feedback and make a plan to implement them in future versions. An ideal maintanance team, read App Stores review and passes to requests and debug information to developers.

Support team work closely with maintanance team and developers to delivers the best that the Apps can provide. We take all of the actions necessary to keep the Apps up.

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